Identifying Your engine

Briggs and Stratton engines are generally called by their crankshaft alignment, cylinder count and valve configuration.
They also have a unique Model, type and code numbering system which identifies each engine.

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single cylinder horizontal sidevalve engine
single cylinder vertical sidevalve engine
twin cylinder OHV vertical crankshaft engine
single cylinder horizontal OHV engine

General Description

  • Crankshaft Alignment

    Crankshaft alignment is either VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL.

    Vertical crankshaft engines have the crankshaft running vertically through the engine and extending out of the bottom. The piston and cylinder are horizontal with the flywheel on top of the engine. These are the engines fitted to rotary lawnmowers.

    Horizontal crankshaft engines have the crankshaft running horizontally through the engine and extending through the side.The piston and cylinder run vertically up and down with the flywheel on the side of the engine.

  • Cylinder Count

    This is the number and configuration of the cylinders and pistons in the engine. This will be either SINGLE CYLINDER, TWIN CYLINDER('V' or opposed), THREE CYLINDER etc.

  • Valve Configuration

    The type of valve set up is also noted. Either OVERHEAD VALVE or SIDE VALVE(also called L-HEAD).

Model, Type and Code numbers

Briggs and Stratton engines are identified with a MODEL, TYPE and CODE number system and take the form of the example below.

12F8020637 0199070759

The numbers can be in a variety of locations depending upon the engine but are generally to be found either:-

Sometimes, plastic covers or excess paint may obscure the details but they will be there.
The only exception is if the main cowling or part holding the details has been previously replaced. In which case the details should have been retained from the old part.

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